by Alex Byrne

for Monday , July 13 , 2009


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If this is your first time with the cast and crew of Faces, head over to the cast page and acquaint yourself with this band of lovable but otherwise insane misfits.

If instead, you want to show the world how much you appreciate (or are annoyed at) my comic, or you like reading large lists of links to places on the web that are far more interesting than this comic strip, you can direct all praise and/or curiosity to Nonsensical Ravings of Finely Tuned Insanity, my LiveJournal.

Despite our best attempts to suck, err, because we're such a fine and upstanding example of web comic genius for everyone, we received an Ernie award from the creator of Practice Strip, a comic that has sadly gone defunct, as many comics do. We still appreciate the knowledge that at least someone liked us at some point, and thus display our award with the same pride someone dispalys the lone trophy they have from their childhood.

Ernie Award for Best Use of Foot